Attraction or Conversions: What’s the Goal of Your Video Marketing?

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DSC_0390_Iván_Melenchón_Serrano_MorgueFileOne of the most common video marketing mistakes is trying to make a single video do too many things at once. While it’s not impossible for one video to accomplish multiple goals, a morefocused strategy will often get better results. 

Where and how your audience will encounter your video should drive what you need to show them. For this reason, it’s helpful to consider where your video fits into your marketing and sales funnel.

Let’s look at two of the most common video marketing goals, where they fit into your funnel, and why each requires a fundamentally different approach.

Video Marketing Goal #1: Attracting traffic to your website

We call these “attraction videos,” and they belong at the top of your funnel. These videos are designed to get you noticed, especially by people who may not be aware of your product or service.

Good attraction videos focus on identifying with the target audience’s problem and presenting you as the solution. These videos don’t need to get deep into the details of how you solve the problem. Instead, you simply want the audience to think, “Yes, this definitely addresses a need that I have, and I want to learn more.”

Since the goal of an attraction video is to get attention and draw people to your site, they work best when they’re more bold and captivating, funny, entertaining, occasionally even shocking. The video might reside on your website, but it’s meant to “live in the wild”, and get shared across social media and other inbound marketing channels. Therefore, as you’re creating your attraction video, ask yourself, “Would someone share this with a friend?” If the answer is “No,” then there’s probably lots of room to spice it up.

This video for TaskUs is a good example of an attraction video. Using an absurd story to show the staffing problems a rapidly growing company can face, the video doesn’t really try to sell anything so much as get the viewer to see that Task Us solves problems they have, and give them a reason to visit It also conveys a sense of the company’s personality through relatable humor.

Key Strategies for an Attraction Video:

    • Be bold and entertaining so people will want to share your video.
    • Focus on high-level benefits – the “whys” rather than the “hows.”
    • Show a problem and solution your viewer can relate to.
    • Make the goal of your video to get people to “Visit our website to learn more!”

Video Marketing Goal #2: Converting traffic into customers

We call these “conversion videos,” and they sit further down in your marketing funnel. These videos are designed to turn website visitors into customers.

Conversion videos are fundamentally sales tools. They speak to people who are already on your site and may be interested, but may not have enough information to make the decision to buy. This is where you want get more into the “hows” of your products and services.

These videos shouldn’t be too dry, but they do need to be informative. Dig deeper into features and benefits. Educate your audience. Remove objections in order to make the sale.

While conversion videos generally don’t make it to the top of Reddit, a good one will do wonders for your sales. Ask yourself, “Does this answer my customers’ top questions?” If the answer is “No,” then rework your script.

Consider how M2E approached their conversion video. The video has a clear purpose – to explain how the product works – and provide enough details about the features and benefits to help the audience make that mental leap and decide to try it.

Because you’re going for conversions, it’s very important to have a clear call to action button, and make it very easy for the viewer to take the next step. Whether you want your viewer to sign up for a free trial or get in touch with your sales team, a clear and well placed call to action is crucial to your video getting the results you’re after.

Key Strategies for the Conversion Video:

    • Educate the audience so they can make the decision to buy
    • Give the video a prime location on your website
    • Keep it informative without being boring
    • End with a clear call to action, ie… “Click here to start your free trial now!”


Attempting to make a video that will draw people to your site then turn them into customers at the same time will most likely water down the effectiveness on both counts. When developing your video, start with a very clear definition of  your goals.

    • Do you need to attract an audience? If so, focus on identifying with your target customer, and showing how your offering is a great solution to a problem they have.
    • Need to convert visitors into customers? Here’s where you want to give a more detailed sales pitch.

The right strategic focus will also inform your creative choices, allowing you to put the best information in front of the right viewer at the right time for maximum results.

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