4 Ways to Get Better Results from Explainer Videos on Your Site

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web-construction-blog-graphicSo you’ve been working on anexplainer video for your site, it’s brilliant, and it’s almost done. Are you ready for what comes next?

Here are four of the most important things you should do to prepare your page for success.

Placement on the Page

Where you place your video can have a big impact on how people perceive it, how many watch it, and most importantly, what they do next. Make sure it’s easy to find. The more you can design your page around the video, the better your results will be.

Lucky Ant’s explainer video gets the most prominent real estate on their homepage with plenty of space around it. Strong placement and lack of clutter help make the video appear important and inviting at the same time. Details like the video’s runtime (under a minute) would be harder to notice if the area around the player was busier.luckyant

Photo: Lucky Ant

If your page feels busy or crowded, look for ways to free up some breathing room. Sliding carousels can be an elegant way to fit more information onto a page, but also remember anything on a slider can get missed when the carousel advances to the next slide. Ideally, neither your page nor your video are ever trying to do too many things at once.

Call to Action

Whatever you want your viewer to do after watching should be as easy as possible. Make sure you have a clear Call to Action button positioned close to the video player. In the example below, the button to sign up for Oro’s launch notification is the next thing the eye is drawn to after the video. This helps create the shortest possible path between viewing and taking action.oro

Photo: Oro CRM

Play Button

Vimeo and YouTube embedded players display Play buttons by default, but if you choose to use a custom image to represent your video, make sure there’s an obvious invitation to watch. Otherwise, the video can be mistaken for a static image.m2e

Photo: M2E

Plan to Measure Performance (Not Just Views)

You made a video because you want people to do something after they watch it. Whatever your video goals are, performance can’t be measured just by YouTube or Vimeo views.

Fortunately, you can configure Google Analytics Event Tracking to capture each video view as an “event”, then see the user behavior connected to that event. This is vital if you want to know what results are actually attributable to the video. Setting up Event Tracking requires a little effort, but ignoring it is like investing in a giant email marketing campaign then trying to gauge your ROI only on how many times people opened the email.

Good explainer videos will do wonders for your marketing and sales, but even a spectacular video needs to be part of a well-constructed plan that starts on your own site. Make sure your page is set up to give you the best opportunity to succeed, and to measure success. This means:

  • Place the video where it’s easy to find.
  • Put a clear Call to Action (CTA) button close to the video
  • Make sure you have an obvious Play button.
  • Set up Event Tracking so you can measure the meaningful results.

For more information on how to measure video performance, contact us, or download our free ebook below.


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