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    We Don’t Sell Videos

    We work closely with our clients to provide strategic solutions that

    get measurable results. Some of our core capabilities include:

    Live Action Profile Videos

    What do you want your customers to know about your business? How should it feel? How should it sound? What are your values and why should we care? A well executed profile video can convey all of these things and serve to strengthen your brand overall.

    • Company Overview

    • Customer Profile

    • Recruitment Video

    Event Video Production

    The great thing about events is that your customers are there in person. Don’t let this opportunity pass by. Capture the experience and create valuable content. The Buzz Lab will kick the experience up a notch by working on site. Want to show highlights from last nights party at tomorrow morning’s keynote? We can do it!

    • Customer Testimonials

    • Daily Wrap Ups

    • Videos for Keynote Presentations

    Animation & Motion Graphics

    Videos can be a valuable tool to train your customers or explain the benefits of your product. We’ll craft an informative and engaging video that will match the look and feel of your brand.

    • Explainer Videos

    • Product Overviews

    • New Feature Announcement

    Editing & Post Production

    Editing is a critical step in the creation process. A few milliseconds can mean the difference between landing a punchline or having it flop. Choosing the best pieces to tell the story that you’ve outlined is no easy task. A bad mix can make your brand feel less professional. That’s why we pay attention to the details, and it shows.

    • Presentation Editing

    • On Site Event Post Production

    • Music Production & Licensing

    Logo Animation

    When we think of a brand, we think of the colors, logo mark, font, tone, etc. While important, these only cover the static elements of a brand. Often overlooked is animation, which is a big part of the feel of a brand. In the past few years, animation has become a large part of most user interfaces and with video becoming more widely used, it’s time to think about how your brand moves.

    • Branded Video Intro

    • Conference Presentations


    Your customers are all over the world, it’s important that your content is accessible and tailored for them. Your videos will be more effective in the local language. You may also need to change the content of your video to be in line with local rules, regulations and customs.

    • Voice Over Translation

    • Language & Currency

    • Rules & Regulations

    Screencast Makeovers

    A well constructed screencast can help your customers learn your product much more quickly than if they had to comb through forums and other written documentation. They’re also a useful way to introduce new product features or show off a prototype. The more you can clear away the barriers to entry and decrease the learning curve, the more customers you’ll keep.

    • Customer Tutorials

    • Internal Training

    • New Features

    Customer Case Study — Magento

    “The Buzz Lab is an invaluable collaborative partner at the core of everything we do in video from strategy through execution.”

    John Couch

    Head of Design / Senior Creative Director, Magento an eBay Inc Company